Huntington Beach Family Martial Arts - Krav Maga injures students and does not take responsibility

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I was injured by my Krav Maga instructor in December of 2007. The injury i sustained from him (I am female, of average height and weight) required immediate surgery to repair and remove a disc in my cervical spine that was herniated when my instructor injured me.

My complaint, other than the acute injury itself, is that the school was/is allowed to operate without liability insurance, regardless of waivers signed by any prospective students who wish to train there.

Also, my complaint is that the criteria that the school has used to identify who should be instructors is inadequate and irresponsible. The instructors do not have enough personal experience or integrity to safely teach martial arts, in spite of the fact that inherent dangers do exist- it is the responsibility of the instructors to not make a training situation more dangerous than it needs to be in order to instruct on self defense.

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